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Nineven Entertainment LLP, was incorporated on July 2016, for producing short films, feature films, commercial films and all audio visuals creations and distributions. We are making internationally acclaimed short films like Escape...if u can, and also producing some documentaries with historical aspects. We are planning to expand our creations to the advertising world. We are also trying to make our debut to produce a fulll length feature film, in near future.

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Short Film

Upcoming Short Film

"Kichu Na bola Kotha" is a story of a writer Subhayan who only love to write. But to exist with his family he needs to a job in call center. His Wife Diya is a typical bengali house wife, she has lots of expectations like other women of this world. But Subhayan wants a change, he only wants to became a writer, not a 10 to 5 worker. After lots of mental fights, Diya leaves Subhayan, it was very tough time for Subhayan. How he share his thought to Diya, that is till untold? Diya should know the other side, where Subhayan faces the chanlenge. That is the main base of the Story. This Short film is going to release on our YouTube Channel on 31st August, 2017. See You There.

Brand New Short Film

"Ekaki" is a story of a Young Man Sandip, Who recently got Job in Salt Lake Sector V, of Kolkata. He has a love interest with Trisha, who has not feeling anything regarding Sandip. Now Sandip discover the beauty of nature, and diversity of the city life. He finds himself in a new way, where it does not hurt the distance from his loved one.

The film is in romantic genre. Director Soham Banerjee, wants to protrait the ever channging relations, in a narrative way. This Short Film is going to release in our YouTube channel, in this May, 2017

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Reality, Non-Fiction

Ongoing Non-Fiction Series (New Episode on Every Friday)

Me with Nature is a Web Series based on the travel experience of a 10 yrs old boy Ayush Banerjee. The East Himalayas in the eyes of Ayush Banerjee, his experiences, descriptions and sharing all those with the audiences is the main motto of this series. There are a lot of people regularly visit these areas, but Ayush told his father to make it documented. Here is the First Episode of Me With Nature with Ayush Banerjee. you Can Watch the Other Episodes also, in our YouTube Channel. A BRAND NEW EPISODE on every Friday.

Brand New Reality Video

We are in the Rath Yatra Festival and we are in the Sri Krishna Rai Jiu temple of Kalyani Rathtala. The place is actually in the border line of two district North 24 Parganas and Nadia, of West Bengal, and always it is in the debate that in which district this historical temple is actually situated. The area is know as Kanchan Pally.

In this video, Ayush discussed the temple architecture, and also the heritage of Bengal's Culture.

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International Short Film Festival

Organised by Nineven Entertainment LLP

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Screen Short Fest is an International Short Film Festival of India, organised by Nineven Entertainment LLP Since 2015. We are portraying award winning national and international short films, submitted by the national and international directors. Last year we got 300+ submissions from 55+ countries all over the world. There is an award ceremony after the screening of the short films, and last year there was different categories for the international and national short film makers, even there was a different category for the Best Bengali Short Film. This year also we will organise the Screen Short Fest 2017 . For more details please follow our Website

Screen Short Fest


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